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Greyhound kibble is all designed specifically to ensure these active dogs get all the energy and nutrients they need. As one can imagine, not all dog breeds are the same: their constitution, general physical characteristics and the functions for which they have been selected vary.

Greyhounds, in particular, are dogs made for speed: they can reach 70 kilometers per hour, nothing less. They enjoy running, moving and developing continuous physical activity. They are undoubtedly sports animals and their bodies are very well prepared for them. Therefore, their diet should also be planned according to this nature.

Energy-rich kibble for greyhounds: what is it?

The best option is usually energy-rich kibble for greyhounds. As the name suggests, it is a very energetic type of food that provides the animal with all the necessary nutrients to compensate for its high level of daily activity.

To know if our greyhound needs energy-rich kibble, we must take into account the amount of exercise our pet performs each day, as well as his weight and state of health. If we notice that our dog is very thin although he is healthy (that is, if the contours of the ribs, extremities of the pelvis, etc. are noticed excessively), it would probably be wise to switch to high-energy kibble.

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In short: it is a question of providing our animal with the caloric intake necessary to compensate for the energy expenditure related to its level of activity. And although each dog may have its own needs, what is usual in the case of greyhounds and other sporting dogs is that this level is, as we said, very high.

Of course,in the case of competition greyhounds, dogs prepared and trained to regularly participate in races,a diet rich in energy is practically mandatory. Competition greyhound kibble must fully meet the energy needs of these animals if they are to remain healthy and their performance levels do not diminish over time.

How to feed a greyhound?

Should you divide your dog’s daily ration into several doses or is it better to give it to just one? This dilemma is very common among all dog owners, and it makes even more sense in the case of greyhounds and other dogs that develop very intense activity. How to feed a greyhound?

It is best to divide your daily ration into several doses. In this way, we can prevent possible digestive problems by preventing the animal from overeating at the same time.

To plan doses, it is best to think about the dayand when the greyhound will develop more physical activity. It is advisable to give a small part of his ration about two hours before the effort, approximately, so that he has the energy he needs. And the rest of the meal can be given after the activity is over, when the dog is already completely at rest.

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During exercise, we must also ensure that our dog is always hydrated. It is best to give him cool water, neither too cold nor too hot. Proper hydration is important for all dogs, of course, but even more so in the case of greyhounds, which are always on the move. We need to keep a close eye on this issue, especially in the summer and warmer months.

What are the best kibble for greyhounds?

As we said, the best kibble for greyhounds are those that meet all the energy needs of the animal. It must be kibble of high digestibility, intended to ensure both the proper functioning of the digestive system and a correct absorption of all the nutrients that the dog needs.

We believe that we seek to provide him, at the same time, with energy to exercise, as well as nutrients, minerals and other components for the maintenance of his musculature.

To obtain this combination, we must look for kibble with a high fat content and a high protein content. But, above all, thebest kibble for greyhoundswill be those from which our pet getsall the nutrients he needs without resorting to vitamins or other supplements.

Dehydrated kibble for greyhounds: why choose Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food?

At Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food, we stand for the fact that the best food we can offer a dog is always the one we prepare at home. But we know that it is not easy and that it is not always possible. We often don’t have the time, resources, or patience to prepare adequate food for our dog.

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In the case of greyhound feeding, there are other complications that we have explained throughout this article: it is a dog made for speed, with high energy consumption and very special nutritional needs. It takes not only an important source of energy for your physical activity, but also all the essential nutrients to keep your muscles and whole body in perfect condition and always ready for exercise.

But to meet these needs, it is not necessary to acquire conventional food such as the one we can find in the supermarket, since these are often of very poor quality and there is simply no correspondence between the price we pay and what our dog gets.

At Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food, we present you a totally natural product, a greyhound food that is closest to the food you could prepare at home and that, in addition, will offer your dog everything he needs to stay in perfect health and always on the move. Health, energy and nutritional quality, all in one.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food’s food is made up of fresh, varied ingredients, cooked separately and then dehydrated. No harmful meat by-products or additives of any kind. Our energy-rich kibble for greyhounds are totally natural and have nothing to do with processed foods and no real nutritional value. The latter actually constitute the majority of kibble on the market.

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