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Sleeping with a pet is above all being in contact with a loved one. Sleeping in his presence has a real impact on reducing stress, increasing relaxation and even a very reassuring aspect for humans. Did you know that our companions increase our levels of oxytocin, the hormone of well-being? It’s also a great way to warm up!

Animals embody conditional and most faithful love, which gives them the ability to make us humans better moods as well as make it easier for us to fall asleep. Aaah, nature is amazing!

No, I am totally against it!

Depending on your love situation and the size of your pet, the Labrador type dog in the middle of the couple, it is not always the most pleasant situation (unless you have a very large bed!). A dog can become quite invasive in your resting place. If the latter is so agitated, your nights may be disrupted and this is a very good way to wake up tired and in a bad mood. Nevertheless, it is always reassuring and pleasant to place your pet next to your bed but not on or in your bed.

Everyone has their own opinion.

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Bedding care tips

One thing is certain, your pet brings many microorganisms into your cocoon. Indeed, if the latter has access to the outside (unlike some cats), it isinevitable that your bedding can be soiled by the paws but simply by the hair, saliva and moisture in general. Here are our tips to ensure sustainability and good hygiene:

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1. Opt for bedding without weaving/relief

In order to avoid any accident in terms of fabrics, we advise you to opt for a flat weave as on our Sara duvet cover unlike the Camélia and Nina duvet cover, which have a relief in the cotton that can be damaged for the claws of your companion.

2. Darker bedding

As for us humans, the lighter the color of your sheets and cover, the more likely the bedding will be to stain quickly or rather, to reveal any stains. By experience, favor a darker color such as a linen, pearl or slate color that will let less appear the marks (sometimes indelible).

3. Cotton to wick away moisture

Natural bedding is always recommended to promote moisture wicking. The heat provided by 1 body see 2 is already very present (we can lose up to 1L of sweat per night!) so imagine yourself with a dog under your sheets… Multiply by 2 see 3 the amount of heat and humidity.

Cotton has this natural ability to pull heat out of the underside of the sheets to keep you at a stable temperature throughout the night. The quality of your sheets and bedding will define the quality of your sleep, without a doubt!

4. Protect your mattress, it’s imperative!

We can never repeat it enough, it is imperative to opt for a mattress protector to guarantee the life of your mattress. Although as adults we manage to keep ourselves up during the night, our 4-legged friends are not immune to a small nocturnal escape. First, it will protect your bed from pee or vomit, easier to clean if the mattress is not touched but a mattress protector like our Respira model has been woven and built according to the Seer Sucker technique, the same weave as the suits from India and allowing to evacuate moisture as much as possible!

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Breathable, protective and easy to maintain, it is an item under $ 100 that will allow you to save in the long term and above all, to sleep in peace!

5. Weekly washing

In principle, the bed is changed every 2 weeks. With an animal, we strongly advise you to renew your bedding every week. This will avoid the presence of mites, fungus formations but especially in case of possible fleas or ticks, we will take the best precautions for more tranquility.

Wash pillow protectors and mattress protectors at 60 degrees + a dryer.

For bed linen, wash everything at 30 or 40 degrees + a dryer in case of bad weather. Take advantage of the summer to dry your bedding outside. The sun and wind will offer an incredible feeling of freshness once night comes!

For bedding (duvet and pillows), we advise you to spend every 3 months with a cleaner (about $ 50 for the whole) who will thoroughly clean your bedding set. Every 2 weeks, do not hesitate to shake and take out your down and pillows in the fresh air for a few minutes to eliminate as much as possible traces of moisture and possible dust mites.

6. Brush your pet and clean the paws at each outing

In order to avoid a great loss of hair and deposits in the heart of your cozy nest, it is always very appreciated to brush your hair very regularly. A bit like for us humans, a frequent scrub can remove our dead skin. For pitou, we remove the dead hair.

Finally, cleaning the paws of your dog or cat after each outdoor outing will avoid having a collection of small pebbles and other unidentified elements in your bed. Between us, there is nothing worse than taking out grains of sand, pebbles or earth to sting us when we have just spent a big day!

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