How To Find Out Your Pets Birthday

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Your dog shows unconditional love and loyalty to your family.

It is therefore normal to return the favor on a daily basis, but also on special occasions such as his birthday.

If you don’t know what to do to make this day memorable, don’t worry.

We guide you step by step in order to organize the best birthday party for dog.

The 15 steps to a successful birthday of your dog

From the choice of guests to “homemade” cake recipes or the choice of gift for your dog, discover our tips for a successful birthday of your dog.

1- Choose the right day

We don’t always know our dog’s precise date of birth.

If you are one of those who do not know the real birthday of your pet, do not panic.

There is little chance that your companion will hold it against you.

Choose the day you brought him home, the day you first met him.

2- Choose the right place

The ideal place to celebrate your dog’s birthday depends mainly on the time of year.

In warm weather, a fenced garden is ideal.

If you don’t have a fenced garden, think about the park you’re used to going to.

In any case, make sure you have a place to take shelter in case of rain and, especially to have grey areas in case of sun.

For indoor parties, it is obvious to prefer a dog-friendly place, such as a training school that you could rent.

But regardless of the location, make sure that the dogscannotRun away.

3- Select guests

Even if you want to invite all your friends, consideryour dog’s personality first.

Is he anextrovertedandfriendlypuppy who gets along with humans, other dogs and children? Or does he prefer the company of one or two close canine friends? Maybe your dog ismore comfortable with humansthan he is with other dogs.

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It’s your companion’s birthday,invite humans and dogshe really enjoys.

No need to leave in a record number of guests.

And anyway, avoid inviting dogs that your pet has never met; A party isnot the best place to get to know each other.

In addition, if you have never invited a group of dogs to your home before, it is recommended tostart small.

Restrict your cravings for greatnessthat could ruin the party rather than improve it.

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4- Find a theme

Be creativein choosing a theme that will appeal to your dog.

The theme can for example bearound waterif it is hot.

In this case, fill a small poolfor the dogs to bathe andinstall a few sprinklersfor them to have fun with.

The theme can also bearound balls.

Instead of filling the pool with water, fill it with colored balls.

Arrange tennis balls here and there.

Fill buckets of water withfloating ballsfor dogs to have fun catching them.

You can alsohide treats in balloonsfor dogs to try to find them.

Of course, all this requiresconstant human supervision, because, as with children, what begins as a game can end in a quarrel.

5- Choose the perfect gift

Either our dogs are spoiled every day, but their birthday is one more reason to please them!

Whether your pooch preferstennis ballsorstuffed animals, there’s no better reason than his birthday to head into your pet store’s toy aisle.

Take your dog with youto choose his gift.

6- Make your dog a beauty

You can also treat your dog to aspa day.

Just like humans, dogs love to bepampered and pampered.

For example, you can take your dog to the groomer and orderluxury treatments.

A bath, a haircut, whatever you want! Your dog will bebeautiful and in great shapeon this special day.

You can also give him aspa experience at home. This can include a relaxing bath (if your dog likes it!), extra brushing, and lots and lots of petting and cuddling.

Your dog is subject tostress? Offer calming treats to relax. In addition to feasting on their lips, theBotaLiciouswill soothe and relax your dog in a natural way.

7- Prepare decorations

You’ve probably already prepared millions of birthday parties.

So you know that a successful birthday party and a party with decorations.

Balloonsandbannersare part of the standard birthday party decoration, of course, but there are also tons of other ways to decorate a dog-themed party.

For example, you can make apretty banner in the shape of bones, throw confettion all the tables and why not make achalk signwith the menu of drinks and snacks.

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In short, use your imagination to make this holiday exceptional.

8- Make the best birthday cake for dogs

Believe it or not, many dog birthday cakes are alsosuitable for humans.

All you need to make a dog cake suitable for everyone are everyday ingredients, such as whole-wheat flour, eggs and applesauce.

You can alsomix grated vegetableslike carrots and top with cream cheese, peanut butter or mixed bananas.

Here is aneasy recipe for birthday cupcakes for dogsto breed at home:

Don’t feel like taking out the cooking equipment? Take your dog’s favorite treats andcover them with peanut butter.

9- Concoct ice cream for dogs

While real ice cream isn’t good for your dog’s gastrointestinal system, it’seasy to makedog ice cream at home with ingredients you probably already have at home.

For this, mix bananas with plain yogurt and creamy peanut butter, then freeze them overnight to get the right consistency.

You can also make dog ice cream with a single basic ingredient: chicken or beef broth. Simply pour it into a mold and freeze it.

10- Stock up on treats

Besides birthday cake and ice cream, what would a dog birthday party bewithout a maximum of treats?

Let your imagination run wildto delight the canines.

Prepare a buffet with:

  • Sweet potato chips
  • Slices of frozen bananas
  • Miniature carrots
  • Appleslices

Think about everything your dog likes. It’s the day to please him… In moderation of course! Beware of thepancreatitis !

Also pay attention that dogscan and cannot eatas well asintolerances (Allergies…) andspecificsof the guests.

Also, don’t forget to place severalbowls of fresh wateraround the party venue.

11- Don’t forget humans

In addition to treats for dogs, plan to treat your human friends.

Cocktails, fruit juices, chicken wings, verrines, sweets to share… It’s time to indulge.

12- Prepare costumes

There is literally nothing cuter in the world than a party hat on a dog.

It is veryeasy to make one yourselfby folding thick cone-shaped paper.

Then, decorate the hatswith a permanent marker, pompoms, or any other accessory that will give your dog an extra sense of celebration.

What if your dog can’t stand his party hat for more than 20 seconds? Prepare abandana with cute fabricor atutu with an elastic.

13- Organize a photo space

Make yourown photo booth backdropandinstall accessories (which your guests can tolerate for a few seconds)!

This can be:

  • A mustache
  • A funny hat
  • Sunglasses
  • A Sorcerer’s Wand

Then ask your guests toPost their photos onInstagramor Facebookwith a custom hashtag (#choupettebirthday), so you can see all the photos at once.

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14- Play games

Make sure you have enoughtoys (and treats) forhide-and-seekandresearch games, which help dogs practice obeying commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “fetch.”

15- Offer a bag of gifts to your guests

What would a birthday party be without afull gift bag?

Offer each guest asmall packagewith a few toys, such as a tennis ball or chew toy, a handful of bones or dried meat sticks, a party hat or bandana and, of course, a fewTreatsfor humans.

4 ideas to celebrate your dog’s birthday in privacy

There are several reasons why you may not want to throw a birthday party for your dog.

Maybe youdon’t have time. Maybe youdon’t feel like it. Maybe your doghas a hard time supporting other dogs.

But no matter your reason, organizing a birthday party for your dogis not an obligation.

You can just as easilycelebrate this moment one-on-one, away from the hustle and bustle.

Here are some ideas to please your dog in privacy.

1- Explore a new trail with your dog

What does a dog love the most? The attention of its owner.

So what could be better thanspending even more time with your companionon this special day.

If your dog is fond of your daily walk, you can make this moment special by taking him to anunexplored place.

Take a walk together on a newhiking trailor take your dog to anew park.

To make the walk even more fun for your dog, don’t forget togive him a little more timeto sniff and smell all those exciting new smells.

2- Pamper and spoil your dog

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your dog’s birthday even more special, try pampering him more.

Spoilhim and give him a little more love and attention on this special day.

Treat her to a nicehomemade meal,stuffed animal,a relaxing massageandcuddleson the couch.

Fun tip: Let your dog unwrap his gifts to increase the fun.

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3- Make it a game day

If you want to make your dog’s birthday a happy day, turn it into aplay day.

Set aside time to play additional games with your dog.

Hide and seek, tug-of-war… Our dogs love to play, and participating in extra games on their birthday is a simple way to make this day exceptional.

4- Take your dog for a swim

Most dogs love to swim, so if you want to make his birthday a fun time, turn it into a day of swimming.

For example, you cantake your dog to the beach.

It’s up to you!

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