Is There A Weight Limit For Bungee Fitness?

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You may have seen people jumping from a bridge or viaduct. Bungee jumping is an awesome activity to watch. But it’s really a different kind of feeling you’ll feel if you take the plunge. Whether you’re a scoundrel or an aficionado of thrills and adrenaline, you too can bungee jump. Today I make you a complete article on this extraordinary activity that you must have done once in your life! You will know almost everything there is to know about bungee jumping.

Where does bungee jumping come from? A bit of history…

You’re probably wondering who is the madman who had the idea to launch himself from a bridge with a rubber band. Well bungee jumping is actually a modern version of a Vanuatu ritual practice. In the south of Pentecost Island, the Saa community practices what is called the “Leap of the Gol” in USA. The Gol is a wooden construction whose Saa launch themselves into the air, attached to a simple vine. It is a rite of passage to adulthood. See for yourself the jump with the video below, it’s very impressive!

Practical information to prepare your bungee jump

If this video didn’t cool you down and you still want to know more about bungee jumping, I’ll answer the most asked questions on the subject. If you have a question, you will probably find the answer here.

How to dress for a jump?

It all depends on the weather on the day of your jump. Come anyway with casualattire and sneakers. The whole thing is to be the most comfortable with the harness and the elastic.

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What is the maximum weight to jump?

It is necessary to check on a case-by-case basis with each jump center. All of them can have elastics that can support different weights. That being said, there is usually a90kg limitto be able to make a jump. I add that there is no size limit to make your jump.

From what age can you bungee jump?

You can take your courage with both hands and jumpfrom 13 or 14 years oldand provided you weigh at least 40 kg. Check when making your choice, the minimum age for the place you want. Minors must be accompanied by their parents.

Bungee jumping

Are there any weather constraints?

No, you can jump even if it rains! However, jump centers may be closed during the winter or because of extreme weather conditions that would not allow safe jumping. It’s still nicer when the weather is nice!

Can I bungee jump with a disability?

It is possible, maybe not everywhere, but it is not impossible. Aperson in a wheelchairmade his jump atthe Souleuvre viaduct, so why not you?

Do I need a medical certificate?

No, you do not need a medical certificate to jumpunless you are a person with reduced mobility or you are over 55 or 60 years old (this may depend on the location).

Is bungee jumping safe?

Yes, do not be afraid and tell yourself that the elastic will crack. In USA, there arestandardsthat govern the practice of bungee jumping. The elastics themselves are extremely robust. They can be used about 1500 times but are regularly changed (every 150 to 500 jumps). In addition, they are maintained by experts and cansupport a load of 2.5 tons. Suffice to say that with your 60 kilos, you can go with your eyes closed! Safety remains the most important element of bungee jumping professionals.

Who invented bungee jumping?

Also called Bungie or Bungee, bungee jumping was invented by New ZealanderA.J. Hackett. He was inspired by the famous jump of the Gol to create his version, much more secure and democratized for the general public. Today, millions of people have dared to launch themselves from a bridge, a viaduct or even more extreme places. AJ Hackett invented the elastic band that is used for jumping. It is actually 1000 stretchy latex threads that are grouped in a fabric that forms the elastic.

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You know everything about bungee jumping, except for one thing: how does the jump really go, and above all, is it scary? Everything is relative, but I still suggest you watch a video ofBenjamin Névert. He tells you about his experience withbungee jumping at the Souleuvre Viaduct, and especially that it is possible to face his fear!

Now all you have to do is find the place for your jump. If it is possible to do it everywhere in USA, I have selected some quite original places that will make your jump even more memorable!

We are often asked where is the best place to bungee jump. It’s difficult to answer, so I decided to make you a rather special selection: which places to advise according to the type of jump you want to do. Follow me!

From the highest deck:

Artuby BridgeWho says higher bridge says more time in free fall, it’s mathematical! And I would say even more (if I had a PhD in math I could even prove it!), it also means more thrills. In any case, if your goal is to launch yourself from the highest bridge in USA, go to theGorges du Verdon. Located in the Verdon National Park, between Marseille and Nice, the Artuby bridge will allow you to jump from 182 meters high. You can search anywhere in USA, there is no higher. If you feel capable, go for it! In addition to a breathtaking experience, you will have a magnificent view of the area.

To touch the water:

Claudon Viaduct

Lovers of unique experiences, I found you a place to live a totally different jump! Besides, if one day I feel ready to jump, it will be on my list. From theClaudon Viaduct, near Épinal, you can jump to touch the water of the basin located at the bottom of the viaduct. To you figures, you can touch hands, head or why not belly! It’s totally fun, and to try urgently because we can only do it until November!

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To jump together:

Tandem bungee jumpingFiery kiss during a bungee jump at the Souleuvre Viaduct

Jumping in tandem, not only can it be very funny, but it can also help those who have the fear of jumping to get started! I won’t go so far as to say that we divide our fear by half, but almost… Not all centers allow it, unlike that of Annecyor theSouleuvre viaductwhich will welcome you warmly.

From an atypical place:

Bungee jumping cable car

Jumping from a bridge, a viaduct, is a banal force… Personally, I do not find, but those who seek originality will be served. There are other jump points, but I have selected a very special structure: a cable car! This summer, head to the Alps, tojump from the Deux Alpes cable car, 140 m above the ground. The mountains in summer, it wins you, as they say, and then it changes skiing!

For the view:

Pélussin Viaduct

For this one, I admit that it is a totally subjective choice and I hope you will share my enthusiasm if you follow my advice. The view of the valley from the viaduct de Pélussinnear Lyon is superb and, like me, you should be speechless! It’s not the highest jump (although quite impressive at 65 meters), but the setting is beautiful. A jump being quite short, I advise you to take the opportunity to visit the region, which is really worth a visit.

After reading this article you are ready to start yourself from a bridge or viaduct with an elastic band. You can even say that you have become an expert bungee jumper (or almost!). Through this article, you have surely been able to discover new information or you have been reassured about the questions you ask yourself. So, ready for the big jump?

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